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Choose the learning format that suits you best – whether online or in-person. Our workshops offer flexible opportunities to delve into interoceptive practices, mindfulness, trauma sensitivity, and cultural awareness, adapting to diverse preferences and needs.

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Ground for Emergent Embodiment Training

This training blends interoceptive awareness and mindfulness practices with the fundamental methods described in the GEE section. In 8 sessions, this program provides a holistic approach to well-being integrating mind, body, and the role emotions play in our nervous system. It fosters deep connection with oneself and others. 


Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction interventions

We offer the 8-week traditional MBSR course integrating trauma sensitive mindfulness and yoga to help individuals manage stress, cultivate awareness of the present moment, and enhance overall well-being.


Trauma-Sensitive Interventions

Our approach acknowledges the impact of trauma on individuals and communities. Through a body based and culturally sensitive lens, we offer safe spaces and practices to navigate and transform the effects of trauma to foster autonomy, healing and resilience.


Cultural Sensitivity Workshops

Engage in workshops that honor and celebrate cultural diversity. Our cultural sensitivity workshops provide valuable insights and tools for creating inclusive spaces, respecting diverse perspectives, and weaving the richness of cultural and environmental backgrounds.


Expressive Arts Sessions

These sessions bring space to singing, dancing, arts, poetry, and traditional rituals to discover new ways to communicate, connect, and tap into the authentic essence of living in the present.


Gender-Based Violence (GBV) First Responder Support

Access specialized support tailored for Gender-Based Violence (GBV) first responders. Our mental health initiatives focus on providing care, safety, and resilience-building strategies to those working on the front lines of GBV response.


Consultation and Support for Mental Health Professionals

Collaborate with our team to enhance mental health practices. We offer consultation and support services for mental health professionals, providing valuable insights and resources to integrate interoception, mindfulness, and trauma-sensitive approaches into their work.


Community Building and Networking Events

Join our vibrant community and participate in networking events. Connect with like-minded individuals around the world, share experiences, and contribute to the collective journey of well-being and care. Our community-building initiatives foster a sense of belonging and mutual support across countries.


Tailored Programs for Organizations

We work closely with organizations to design initiatives that align with their values, address specific needs, and cultivate a culture of care, resilience, and collective growth. 


Educational Resources and Research Collaborations

Access a wealth of educational resources and engage in research collaborations. Stay informed with our publications, articles, and collaborative research projects that contribute to the evolving field of interoception, mindfulness, and holistic well-being.


Psychological First Aid Training (with a Trauma Informed/Sensitive lens)

Equip your team with essential psychological first aid skills. Our training emphasizes working with concrete body-based interventions to compassionately and effectively respond to individuals facing crisis or trauma. Learn how to provide immediate support, foster a sense of safety, and promote resilience in the aftermath of challenging events.


Individual Somatic Experiencing Consultation

Receive personalized support through individual Somatic Experiencing consultations. We will guide you in exploring and understanding an embodied connection between trauma and the memory of the body, fostering healing and resilience on an individual level.

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